No need to buy a brand new car, this aftermarket HUD can be installed in almost any car

Heads-up displays or simply HUD are becoming progressively mainstream in today’s automobiles. In the Philippines, Mazda PH is already offering the aforementioned technology feature in some of its cars’ top-end models. Same goes for the Japanese car maker Toyota, which equipped the latest models with it.

But along with the arrival of technologies like this are customers will be left out. Unless you’ve got the to spend for a brand-new vehicle, owners of older car models are relying on their smartphones for navigational and operational vehicle information.

Now, Hudly, an aftermarket HUD accessory that can mirror your smartphone is a full-color HUD compatible with all car models and smartphone apps.

The Kickstarter campaign was launched less than a week ago and has already obtained a total of $27,238 (P1.26 million) worth of pledges as of writing — over 25 percent of its $100,000 (P4.62 million) goal. Hudly is an aftermarket HUD designed to be visible under any lighting conditions, that’s possible because of its built-in light sensitivity sensor. The accessory can also activate your smartphone’s voice-control capability to interact with apps.

THere are two major peripherals make up the Hudly device: a projector and a “glass optical combiner.” Simply rig Hudly up to your on-board diagnostic port and its power source, position the projector and the glass seamlessly.

Your car’s on-board diagnostic port will transmit Hudly with your speed, fuel efficiency, temperature and similar information that you can found on your cockpit. Your smartphone, on the otherhand, will let the projector convey information from apps like Google Maps, Waze and among others.

The Hudly Kickstarter page transcribed that the aftermarket HUD accessory will be ready for production as soon as the campaign ends in September 2016.

Written by thedistriq


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