Las Vegas juvenile murdered his father, exchanges shots with mother

Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) officer said that they are conducting an investigation into a shooting that left a father murdered, and a mother and son got injured on Thursday morning, May 24, on the west side of the Las Vegas Valley.

LVMPD authorities responded to the incident at around 10:47 o’clock in the morning in the 9900 block of Barrier Reef Drive, near the Hualapai Way and Desert Inn Road. Once the LVMPD officers entered the house, they located the fallen man lying down in the garage and the injured mother inside the home, according to Las Vegas Metro police officers at the crime scene. Neighbors said that the man killed named Warren Spielmann and the woman shot was Michelle Spielmann.

Citing the initial investigation, Lieutenant Ray Spencer, of Las Vegas Metro Police Department, claimed that they believe a 15-year-old juvenile son shot his father in the head. Shortly after, he went inside their home and shot his mother in the stomach. His mother grabbed the firearm and then shot her son.

LVMPD Lt. Spencer said that the teenager jumped over the back wall after the shooting both his parents but was taken into custody by responding police officers about a quarter-mile away from the scene.

The mother and son were brought to University Medical Center for medical treatment, the official said. They were both expected to survive, the police added.

“I seen the young man jetting across the street and I came to his rescue and he was bleeding bad,” a neighbor claimed.

“He knocked on my door and then ran away when we first moved into the house. I didn’t think much of it. You know, little kids pulling pranks,” another neighbor, Antonio Reyes said. “He would sometimes walk by the house and give me kind of like menacing looks as if I was out to get him or something.”

“Heart goes out to the family and hope they can somehow get through this,” Reyes further added. “It’s going to be very difficult for them moving forward.” “Hopefully when I come back they’ll have cleared everything.”

“He’s always kind of had behavioral issues. Like I went to elementary school with him and he has always been like a little bit out there,” another neighbor, 15-year-old Nolan Turner said.

“He’d always seem to cause a little bit of trouble but I never really saw him like doing something like this because he’s always been — I know he’s been odd but I never saw him being capable of this. I never saw it in a million years,” Turner added.

“I know him and his younger brother didn’t always get along. They always had issues. He’s had issues with me. He’s tried to start some trouble with me. I thought his dad and him got along really well.”

Spencer said the motive was still undetermined and investigators were checking should there is a history of previous domestic-related emergency calls at the home.

An investigation is still ongoing. Further details were not yet released. —

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Written by Sahara Smith

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